Hosts of Vision Quest and husband + wife, this powerhouse couple travels the world and creates unforgettable and totally unique films for couples with a discerning eye. With an emphasis on modern editing and over the top cinematography, their approach to wedding filmmaking has earned them some serious honors - in 2020 they were named as one of Harper's Bazaar Top 8 Wedding Filmmakers in the World. They'll get into the nitty gritty of some of their films and share their big 'why'.

"Photography is awesome. But cinema is awesome 24 times a second." One half of the power duo Fire & Ice, Christian began with a killer photography biz and in a short period of time has absolutely catapulted the video side of things into the next stratosphere. Cutting edge and highly conceptual, Christian and team are always willing to break outside of the box. He'll share his story of how he grew a photography studio from across the pond to a leading worldwide force. And don't forget to join their Facebook forum, 'Fire and Ice Photography Society', where over 30k talented artists (and rabid Fire & Ice fans) are always looking to share new inspo and push the boundaries.

THE Philip Bloom - a Youtube sensation - is a British filmmaker known for his filmmaking, blog and education. And oh yeah, he's the OG gearhead with over 2 decades of experience reviewing cameras & film equipment for the rest of us to learn from. Philip has worked as a cinematographer and cameraman for Lucasfilm, CNN, Sky News and the BBC. Totally pysched to have him on board this year.

One half of the photo/video duo, The Brothers Martens, Henry is an original trendsetter. So much so, that he actually makes trends - just so he can break them. From cutting edge color to super slick editing techniques, Henry has a wealth pf knowledge that he's always eager to share with anyone who asks. And he's also just about the most down to earth and humble guy we know. It wouldn't be Vision Quest without him!

It should come as no surprise that 'Get Back To That Feeling' is plastered in bold letters across the homepage of A Little Long Distance's site... because heartfelt, genuine storytelling is so obviously the driving force behind Josh and his wife's films. They won the Lovestories TV 2020 Film of the Year Award, and carved their own path by finding new ways to tell intimate, emotional and powerful stories. Josh is known for including vintage home movie footage into his films - making his work feel incredibly personal, layered and immediately nostalgia inducing. We are so excited to have this upbeat and positive dude gracing the stage at this year's VQ.

When you're watching one of Sharrone's showstopping films you know immediately - they're so instantaneously recognizable. This girl has got style for days and it's all her own. Sharrone (known as the Queen of East Coast Filmmaking or a mythical unicorn, depending on who you ask) goes against the grain while using minimal tools and lets her composition and light do all the talking. Sharrone will chat about how over the years she's cultivated her own truly unique process, style and vision. We are so beyond honored to have her back!

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Youtube sensation (and best beard of all time) Matt Johnson will be diving deep into the world of Youtube and how he creates killer content for his channel and social media. He'll also be doing some live film critqiues on our Night 1 afterrhours event - so get ready!