It's going down this September in Austin, Texas. Stay tuned for more details!


As artists, we’re always seeking new sources of inspiration to help guide and motivate us on our creative paths. But that can be hard to find (and hard to prioritize) when running a business. Vision Quest is going to be a meaningful gathering for filmmakers that want to further refine their vision, renew creative energy, and build camaraderie amongst peers. Let's get out of the editing cave and connect IRL.


Vision Quest is a highly curated 3 day experience that brings together the most well regarded & cutting-edge film studios in the industry. Hosted by Sculpting With Time, it'll be an unforgettable few days of inspiring talks & breakout sessions, all while hanging with friends old and new. Aside from the 15 hours of educational programming we have scheduled, we'll be hosting some super cool social events during the afterhours too (gratis!). We've got a few special tricks up our sleeves too, but you'll have to wait and see... It's all about connection and community, not competition.


Vision Quest is without a doubt the most significant networking and education event in the wedding filmmaking industry. On a personal note the ability to connect with experienced industry peers is something that was so refreshing. Not only has it pushed my creativity and business to another level but I made friendships I believe will last a lifetime.
Jason McCutchen / Wedding Film School
Vision Quest was truly eye opening for us as a brand, as a husband and wife team and as human beings. It was a breath of fresh air! So thankful for all the meaningful connections and relationships we created and for all the knowledge we got from the amazing lineup of experts. Can’t wait to go to the next one! What a transformative and nourishing experience. Something that we, as storytellers needed so much! Shout out to Alex and Whitney for making the magic happen!
Eugene Drake / The Drakes
When you’re at the Vision Quest table you’ll experience everything from editing breakdowns, to film reviews, to sleek color grading demos, to the tricks of engaging sound design, to finding your perfect client base - But more importantly you’ll have the opportunity to have genuine, lovely dialog with these masters in their crafts about honing your vision, learning how to become creatively fulfilled, and developing your creative voice. I walked into Vision Quest nervous and intimidated, but left with a sense of renewed wonder for creating powerful wedding films. Beyond the mind-blowing educational aspect, you get to kick around with some of the baddest creators from across the globe - I walked a way with a mind full of new ideas, a heart full of inspiration, and network of incredible supportive filmmakers and friends. FOMO is real, and I’m glad I didn’t sleep on Vision Quest.
Leighanne Dunlop
There aren’t enough great things that I could say about my experience of Vision Quest. Being able to meet some of the biggest names in the industry and to be able to learn and connect with them on a one on one level is a career highlight that I’ll never forget. Along with all the friendships that were made with the attendees, it was just such a great experience to have. I left Vision Quest more inspired than I had been in the past 15 years in this industry, and I just couldn’t wait to get back out there and do what I love.
Ivan Pelaez / Breathe Artistic
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